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Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments in Mayfair: What’s the Difference?

Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments in Mayfair: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re planning a short stay in Mayfair or anywhere else in Central London, there’s a good chance you’re considering the best place to stay. And while some years ago a hotel would have been the only option, alternative accommodation like serviced apartments in Mayfair are fast emerging as strong contenders.

But before deciding whether to stay in a hotel or serviced apartments in Mayfair, it’s important to understand why they’re different – and what you can expect to get from each one.


Hotel or serviced apartments in Mayfair?

London serviced apartments do exactly what they say on the tin; they’re as close in style and convenience to having your own apartment as possible. This means that serviced apartments come with conveniences you won’t typically get in a hotel, like kitchens, television sets and comfortable furniture that does more than just look pretty.

London serviced apartments offer a superior level of comfort and convenience to hotels. As the name would suggest, they’re also completely serviced – meaning you’ll always have a clean apartment to come back to.


Who could benefit from Mayfair serviced apartments?

Mayfair serviced apartments tend to be in quieter neighbourhoods than hotels, which are likely to be close to stations, airports and popular tourist destinations.

Luckily with our serviced apartments in Mayfair, you get the best of both worlds; a premium central London location that avoids all the hustle and bustle of London’s tourist districts.

People staying for long periods of time or those travelling on business particularly appreciate the comfort and convenience of serviced apartments in Mayfair.

After a long and potentially stressful day of meetings and conferences, you’ll certainly want somewhere quiet to rest your head and cook your own meal.

If serviced apartments in Mayfair sound like the kind of place you’d like to stay during your London trip, then get in touch to take advantage of the best rates – and book yours today.

Lee Rosenthall